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Shipping to the lab: step by step

Note: We cannot process your film without first receiving an order. If you don't have one yet please first place an order here!

If you are local and can drop off in person, please head over here for details.

Packaging your order

Step 1:

For free shipping, generate a shipping label and have the label EMAILED TO YOU  (to avoid popup blockers to prevent it from being displayed). Write your name and order #* on a piece of paper to be included with your film. If you're using a small box instead of a padded mailer, put your film in a water tight bag in the rare event the package gets wet. Padded mailers work the best, smaller the better.  

*If you don't have an order # yet, please place your order and come back here.

Place shipping label on mailer

Step 2:

If your label didn't print with your name and address, write it in the return address portion of the label. Peel and stick or tape the shipping label to your mailer or small box.

Add film and name card to bag

Step 3:

Add your film and the piece of paper with your information in the mailer or box.

Seal bag

Step 4:

Seal your mailer using the peel and stick flap or tape up your box securely.

Your order is ready to ship

Step 5:

Take your order to the post office or outgoing mailbox. You can also schedule a pickup from a postal work by scanning the QR code on the label.

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