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  • I live outside of Des Moines, can I mail film to you?
    Of course! We're now offering pre-paid first-class priority shipping labels for you to mail in your film within the Continental United States. If you have access to a printer, you can visit the link provided or go now to generate your own label with tracking -- have the label EMAILED to you vs. using the Print Label (PDF) option. Most people have popups blocked and this will prevent you from being able to save it from your browser. If you don't have access to a printer, you may order 3 pre-paid labels and 3 padded mailers for $3 plus shipping. When placing your order, be sure to select return shipping if you'd like your negatives mailed back. Unfortunately, we do not offer free return shipping. If you are able to drop off in person, we encourage that as your order will be processed quicker.
  • What formats do you offer?
    Color & B&W in 35mm (full frame, half frame, pano), 120 (6x4.5, 6x6, 6x7, 6x8, 6x9, 6x12 pano), 110, 126, and 4x5 Large format.
  • How will my scans be delivered?
    Once your order has been scanned, files will be uploaded to an online gallery. Each roll will include a set of files labeled 'Social' that are optimized for sharing on social media. 'High Res' contains your large files for printing and archiving. If you've ordered TIFF files, the 'High Res' folder will be named 'TIFF'. Each folder can be 'zipped' and downloaded all at once or files can be downloaded individually. Please download your files within 2 weeks of delivery and keep them in a safe place!
  • Do you develop one time use (disposable) cameras?
    Yes! When placing your order, treat it just like any other color or black & white roll of film.
  • Where do I drop off or ship my film?
    The lab is located in a house in the Drake University area, the address is 1358 21st St. Des Moines, IA 50311. *Please place your order first before dropping off* The address will also be emailed to you once an order is placed. The film drop-off box is available at your convenience, but do try to keep drop-offs between 5am - 11pm any day of the week.
  • Are weekend days included in the turnaround time?
    We don’t operate on Saturdays or Sundays so unfortunately they do not. If you drop off on a Friday after 1pm or anytime during the weekend your order will be checked in on Monday and the turnaround time starts then.
  • Do you have a retail space?
    No, not currently, but that is an aim for the future. The lab is currently operated out of a house.
  • Do you offer prints?
    Sorry, not at this time. It's possible this will be offered in some capacity down the road.
  • What happens if my roll is completely blank?
    A partial lab credit is offered in the form of a discount code for use with future develop and scan orders. The amount varies depending on type of scan ordered: $5 for basic, $8 for standard, and $12 for advanced. No credits are offered for the Develop Only service.
  • Who is behind the lab?
    My name is Logan Christian. I'm the owner and operator, I'll be the one processing and scanning your film as well as answering any questions you might have. I put the same amount of care in each roll that comes to the lab that I do with my own. Please reach out if you have questions about film, cameras, or the lab and I'll do my best to answer!
  • Why does it cost what it does?
    Producing high quality scans is time consuming, even at a dedicated lab. When you hire a lab to develop and scan, you're saving a considerable amount of your own time. And not only that, the quality is still unmatched-- a difference achieved with the industry standard Fuji Frontier SP3000 scanners. There is nothing else like the Frontier-- they produce nicer colors, better pixel quality, and a sharper image over consumer scanners. We understand the challenging climate for film shooters; the rising film costs can add up, especially when factoring in lab cost. This is why we try to offer an affordable option for everyone. You can develop at home and bring your negatives here to have them scanned on the SP3000. Or you can develop your rolls with us and pick them up to scan at home. We also have an affordable 'Basic' scanning option that puts some of the post processing work in your hands. Another way to save money is by becoming a member on the site and participating in the 'Rewards Program'; details are on the bottom left of your screen.
  • What do you use for film sleeving?
    After scanning, rolls are kept un-cut and put in continuous sleeving. If the “cut and sleeve” option is purchased, negatives are cut and put into archival PrintFile sleeves that fit an oversized binder. 35mm is cut into strips of 6 frames, 6x4.5 is cut into strips of 4 frames, 6x6 is cut into strips of 3, and 6x7 is cut into strips of 3, and 6x9 is cut into strips of 2.
  • I see standard scans are your highest resolution scans, what's the pixel size?
    For 35mm the approximate dimensions will be 5444x3650 or 20 mega pixels.
  • What’s your policy on nudity? (Also listed in Terms & Conditions)
    Some nudity is OK if done in an artistic way. No sexually explicit content and absolutely NO underage content is allowed. If questionable, proof of age will be required before scans are delivered. If subjects are found to be underage the proper authorities will be notified and negatives will be handed over. No refunds will be issued.
  • I need my order quick, do you offer rush processing?
    The answer is yes, depending on how soon you need scans and which day of the week it is when requested. A rush fee will apply. Send us a message to coordinate a rush order.
  • Do you develop slide film (E6)?
    Not currently, but possibly if demand increases.
  • Where do you recommend buying film?
    We like for the best prices on Kodak, Ilford, and their own unique offerings. For FujiFilm tends to have the best prices when in stock.
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