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Note: We cannot process your film without first receiving an order. If you don't have one yet please first place an order here!

How to Drop-off Your Film


Google Maps shows wrong photo and location. Use Apple Maps or MapQuest (link provided) for better directions.


All orders are dropped off in this box! Pull the handle down from the top to open the hatch. Break up into multiple bags if needed to fit.

Film Drop Box

Use the Film Pickup box for packages that won't fit in the Film Drop-off box. Ziplock bags and marker are in this box if needed.

Film Pick Up Box

• Package your film- (rolls, sheets, slides, and disposable cameras) into a sealable bags and write your name on it. Feel free to reuse a ziplock bag or other reusable bags to help reduce waste.

• Once you arrive at 1358 21st St. Des Moines, IA 50311 you're welcome to either park on the street or in the driveway. The mailboxes are located inside the fenced in area- please choose the appropriate box for your needs. If you're needing a ziplock bag and marker you can find them in the Film Pickup box.

• As soon as your order is completed you will be notified with a link via email. Thank you for using the lab! 

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