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Slide Collection Scanning

Service for scanning 35mm mounted slides

Get high quality scans on old family or found slides you have sitting around.


Estimate the total number of slides you have to scan and adjust Quantity to reflect that amount. Once everything is scanned, your total amount will be updated and you will be billed or credited the difference depending on the actual number of prints. Minimum order is $20.



Dropping Off:

After submitting your order get in touch to then schedule a drop off of your slides. If the slides are few enough to fit in an envelope, you may drop them off in the Film Drop-off Box without scheduling. If they're in a box, a drop off will need to be scheduled where we will receive the slides from you in person. You may mail them in but please note: free shipping isn't available for anything other than rolls of film. Schedule Drop-off here.


Receiving Scans: Once fully paid or credited, you will be emailed a link to an online gallery. They can be downloaded and saved as a zip file or saved one at a time.


Picking Up Slides: An email will be sent notifying you when your slides are ready to be scheduled for pick up. Use the online scheduling system to schedule a day and time that works for you. Schedule Pick-up here.




Scans Size:

- Medium scans are perfect for photo albums, online sharing, and printing up to 8x10.

- Large scans are great for printing larger than 8x10.


Additional Color Correction: Each slide scan comes with some in-scanner color corrections. Additional correction is optional, but typically useful with discolored slides.

Slide Collection Scanning

PriceFrom $0.95
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