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Scan Only (35mm & 120 Roll Film)

**Total amount is displayed once all options are filled out**


Please note: this service is for digitizing already developed negatives. If your film is still in a cartridge, please order our Developing & Scanning service.



Basic (Auto): (Medium sized, lowest cost option-- Not available for B&W) Images are un-corrected and straight from the scanner. Images may require additional corrections, cropped, and rotated. Use this option if you’d like to save and do some of the work yourself. Upgrade the medium scan size to large when adding on TIFF files.


Standard: (Largest Scans *Comparable size to other labs XL scans*, Default Option) Color, density (exposure), and highlight + shadow detail adjustments are made during the scanning process-- photos are neatly cropped and rotated. Add your final edits or share them as delivered.


Pro (Advanced): (Largest scans, additional edits) Get the most out of your scans. Includes in scanner corrections and finished in Lightroom for added “punch” with continuity from frame to frame. Recommended for professional work, including portraits and wedding photography.




Raw TIFF Files: Use this option if you plan to do heavy edits to your images or prefer a high resolution file for storage. Selecting this option upgrades Basic scans to Large.


Dust Removal: Your film is cleaned before scanning, but with B&W negatives there will inevitably still be dust. Because of the varying amount that can occur with each scan, we don't offer the service of dust removal for scan only.  

Scan Only (35mm & 120 Roll Film)

PriceFrom $9.95
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