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B&W Roll Film - Develop & Scan (Disposable, 110, APS, 126, 35MM, 120, 220)

**Total amount is displayed once all options are filled out**


If you are un-sure about an option, please read details below. If you have a question, please message us!




Basic: Not available for B&W.


Standard: (Largest Scans *Comparable size to other labs XL scans*, Default Option) Density (exposure) and highlight + shadow detail adjustments are made during the scanning process, photos are neatly cropped and rotated. Add your final edits or share them as delivered.


Pro (Advanced): (Largest scans, additional edits) Get the most out of your scans. Includes in scanner corrections and finished in Lightroom for added “punch” with continuity from frame to frame. Recommended for professional work, including portraits and wedding photography.





TIFF Files (Un-compressed): Use this option if you plan to do heavy edits to your images or prefer a high-resolution file for storage.


Push/Pull: A little bit more advanced option. If you're unsure if you're needing to push or pull your film please get in touch using the chat. For push, write +1, +2, or +3 on the appropriate film cartridge or roll. E.g. If you shoot an ISO 200 film at 400 this would need a 1 stop push (+1). Another example, 400 at 1600 would need a 2 stop push (+2), etc..


Dust Removal: Use this option for dust removal (spotting). Obvious dust is removed from scans if present.

Negative Returned:
 • No: This indicates you do not wish to have your negatives prepared for pickup or shipping, they will be shredded.
 • Yes (Uncut & Sleeved): Your negatives are returned uncut in continuous sleeving.
 • Yes (Cut & Sleeved): Your negatives are carefully cut and sleeved into archival PrintFile sleeves. 35mm is cut into strips of 6

B&W Roll Film - Develop & Scan (Disposable, 110, APS, 126, 35MM, 120, 220)

PriceFrom $15.95
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